Thursday, June 26, 2008

Employer Wage Subsidy

Employment Service to address your human resources needs.

We will find staff through our extensive Network and partner Recruitment agencies and JSA's in the Sydney Metropolitan area to deliver a superior Recruitment service.

Additonal benefits to employers include the options to engage candidates referred through JSA's where subsidies can be arranged.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Reverse Marketing Service

We are now offering Reverse Marketing Services to JSA's.

Staffed by experienced consultants, we can deliver Reverse Marketing to suit your needs. Assistance from 5 hours per week, providing management with a detailed report of all Reverse Marketing activity.

This can be very useful to supplement your current Reverse Marketing activity or during periods where your Reverse Marketers are on leave.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Nabil's Favourites

link to local advertised Job Board

includes Job Network vacancies, Pick Packers, Factory hands, Process Workers.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Job Seeker Assistance

There are many avenues a Job Seeker can access to obtain assistance during the time of Job Searching and accelerate the process in finding a job.

There are both private and government agencies ready to assist you in finding a job. The Government agencies are commonly known as Job Networks, however there are many other agencies available and all come under the umbrella of PAGES, Providers of Australian Government Employment Services.

The Government option requires that you meet certain qualifying conditions and are free.
Briefly, the qualifying conditions are that the Job Seeker is not:
1. A full time student
2. working more than 15 hrs per week
3. an overseas visitor on a working holiday visa
4. prohibited by law from working in Australia

You can approach private providers for assistance and only item 4 above preclude assistance.

Both private and government organisations can help in the following ways. Job Seekers may access assistance from both streams.

Source identified vacancies and apply on your behalf
Help with your resume
Set up automated alert functions to send you jobs of interest by email
Provide advice about ways to look for work
Explain the use and access of Job Search facilities
Provide training on how to use Job Search facilities
Provide samples of matched vacancies
Help in training you in computer usage or source training providers
Provide training and help to create an email account and how to apply for online jobs
Career options including information relating to Traineeships and Apprenticeships
Labour market information

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Work Experience Placement programme

Work experience is a great opportunity to see how someone operates in a working environment. It also provides job seekers with the opportunity to improve their work skills, and to be able to demonstrate what they have to offer to a potential host organisation.

Work Experience Placements can be between 5 days and a maximum 8 weeks long.

You will not be required to pay someone who participates in the Australian Government’s Work Experience Placement programme. However, if you decide to employ a person who participates in work experience, you may simply end the Work Experience Placement, and then enter into an employment relationship with them.

You are responsible for the participant’s safety, and you must comply with occupational health and safety laws.

The Government will provide personal accident and combined public and products liability insurance, which will operate while participants are undertaking the work experience.

As host organisations, you know that work experience is not free labour. There are many benefits of work experience for your organisation and for participants. You have the chance to try somebody out before hiring them, and they have an opportunity to gain experience, learn new skills, and show how they can be a valuable potential employee for you.

Source :

Many Consultants are aware of the existence and application of the "Work Experience Placement programme", however, the period of 5 days to 8 weeks placement is rarely encouraged or facilitated when considering the needs and motivation of both candidate and employer. Suggested periods of Work Experience is between 1 to 3 days maximum. This suggestion is pursued when a vacancy actually exists and there is a likelihood of an offer of employment at the end of the placement.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Brian O’Raleigh - ‘Hero’s Journey’

"On the Couch" with Brian O'Raleigh. In time past, I worked with Brian, a most gifted human being who has the ability to coach and motivate people from all walks of life.
"In recent surveys carried out across the USA over 87% of people said they were unhappy with their jobs. Of the remaining 13% only half stated that they were actually happy in their careers. Just glancing at these figures gives some idea why the use (and abuse) of antidepressants has multiplied by over 500% in the last ten years alone. "

"You say that you opted for an early retirement, but what were you thinking of retiring too ? The stereotypical concept of ‘gone fishing’ may work for some, but for those of us who have any sort of imagination, energy and intelligence, the self indulgent lifestyle must sooner or later lead to boredom and ultimately of course, depression. Carl Jung once said “Each and every human life contains a potential, if that potential is not fulfilled, then that life was wasted” I have facilitated seminars for years, helping people to discover their innate gifts and talents and I’ve found, almost without exception, that once a person commits to an activity that engages their hearts and minds, within weeks their depressions lift never to return again. "

"Find out what you are good at, for those innate gifts will always point you in the direction of your Calling. Forget about retirement ; for the thinking, creative, passionate human being ‘retirement’ can literally be a death sentence. Take a chance, be yourself, dream great dreams, let your Life Force out for a run, and follow your heart. Once you’ve commenced your own ‘Hero’s Journey’ you are bound to meet other like minded souls along the way. As Joseph Campbell once put it : “The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are” Good Luck"

Brian O’Ralaigh, is a published author, motivational speaker and life coach, he facilitates creative writing classes in Bali and also runs Hero’s Journey workshops to help people discover meaning and purpose in their everyday lives.

see Brian's introductory Video for Job Network Members.

Train the Trainer watch on Youtube

Reasons for Being - The Hero's Jouney
Watch on Youtube

Impact of Population ageing on labour supply

DEWR commissioned the Centre of Policy Studies at Monash University to model the interaction of ageing and employment and to identify in particular the impact of ageing on labour supply and employment.

“An estimated shortfall of 195,000 workers over the next 5 years”

“NSW has the largest share of the forecast national shortfall in workers, followed by Victoria and Queensland”

The following link is active during working hours

Friday, March 28, 2008

Employer Subsidy

Many employers are not aware of subsidies that have been made available to them through government programs.

These subsidies are set up to assist employers with training a new staff member and encourage employment of Centrelink registered clients.

Additional assistance to employers include the provision of candidates for a limited work trial period of which the insurance for the trial period is covered. The employer is given the opportunity of trialing the candidate to determine suitability, prior to the offer of employment. see Work Experience blog